Glass Teapot $25.00

Whether savoring a cup in solitude or sharing with friends, custom brew your favorite tea with our new premium glass teapot. Expertly designed for pure single estate tea, our elegant teapot is crafted for multiple infusions and boasts a built-in spout strainer for effortless use. Experience the essence of pure tea’s evolving flavor profiles and make the most of every serving with this rare and coveted teapot. Tea masters recommend high-grade heat-resistant glass teapots like ours for maximum versatility. From Wuyi Mountain Black to White Peony, rotate an array of tea types without residue or flavor carryover for the perfect personalized steep, every time. Modern ingenuity meets time-honored tradition in the latest offering from Silver Needle Tea Company.

To Use:

  • Combine one teaspoon, or three grams, of whole leaf tea with six ounces of water at recommended temperature.
  • Cover with lid for the accurate amount of time and watch the precious leaves fully expand, transforming the water.
  • Pour, enjoy and repeat.

Specs and Care:

  • Diameter - 4.5 cm x Height - 8 cm
  • Capacity - 20 cl/6.7 oz
  • Heatproof to 212°F
  • Rinse with hot water and air dry - not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.

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