How To Brew Whole Leaf Tea

Quality tea leafs will offer multiple infusions, so here’s how to make the most of each cup! Click here for video.

Three Basics Guidelines to Brew Pure Whole Leaf Teas

1:  Proportion of tea leaves to water:  The ratio to remember is one teaspoon, three grams, of tea leaves per six fluid ounces of water. You can steep the same single estate tea leaves multiple times. Make the most of each tablespoon of pure tea by using the right amount of water.

2:  Water temperature:  As mentioned in the previous post, every tea type has different properties based upon cultivation, and requires varying brewing water temperatures. Electric water kettles with internal thermometers may be helpful if you drink tea daily.  With a stovetop water kettle, keep in mind that boiling water is only recommended for black tea. Wait a couple of minutes to allow boiling water to cool before steeping each lighter color tea type.

3:  Steeping time:  Using a timer when steeping is highly recommended.  Pour tea water as soon as the time is up for optimal taste            (We recommend a teapot with built in sprout to allow full leave immersion with water). See table below for suggested steeping times for each tea type. Quality tea leaves offer multiple infusions; the darker the tea, the more infusions are possible. Some black teas can infuse up to 10 times.  

Follow the three basic guidelines below to experience the distinctive flavor of the initial infusion and the taste development as the same leaves evolve with every subsequent steep.