Our delightful Silver Needle and White Peony are from a beautiful region in the South East of China, called Fujian. 

Fujian is known for being a very important and active tea producer in China. In fact it also is one of the first places where tea was born. Its close location to Taiwan is also the reason why tea has become such a great part of agriculture in Taiwan. 

Fujian province is the largest producer of tea in China. In 2010, there were 200,000 ha (772.2 mi²) of tea planted in Fujian, which produced 269,000 t of tea. According to a report about economic evaluation of tea production chains in the region, many other measures also show Fujian's leading position in tea production, such as its market share of the tea produced, the number of eminent tea tree breeds cultivated, how popular they are, brand awareness, etc

Fujian literally means "Happy Establishment". Its name is probably due to the Province location and the richness of its landscape. Indeed, there is a saying that says Fujian is 80% mountain, 10% water, and 10% farmland. Fujian also occupies a strategic maritime position between two Chinese seas :
South China Sea, and East China Sea.

Historically, Fujian has been one of the most prosperous and cosmopolite provinces of China, and an area of traders and seafarers. Apart from tea, small industries such as clothing and shoes are predominant, but the region is also good in electronics, plastics and precision instruments.


Fujian is also a great rice producer as there are two crops per year (June and September).

Big amounts of tea are being exported to the European market each year. The region remains a great tea-growing province and a big supplier for the domestic market. 

Fujian is also an important producer of flower-scented tea which are made in factories in Fuzhou, the largest city of the region (which means "Happy Place"); as well as a manufacturer of paper from bamboo pulp.



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