Welcome to the world of Silver Needle Tea Co. where the mornings are most luxurious.  Breezy white curtains, spring water in the kettle, cups on the table, exquisite tea tins harboring the finest single estate teas in the world.  This is how we start the day.

Here at our New York City atelier, quality tea deserves equally thoughtful design and delivery. It’s all in the details.  We aim for elegance, a distinct style conceived with the modern and well-traveled clientele in mind.

Our team travels across the globe each season to partner with extraordinary tea plantations. From oolongs to white, green, and black teas, we go straight to the source, offering pure tea plucked straight from the plant.  We offer only the best and believe the taste should speak for itself.

What is Silver Needle?  Striking in appearance and intoxicating in flavor, these tea leaves are found in rare gardens situated on the high plateaus in China.  The finest silver needle tea can only be plucked for two days out of the year. They were once reserved for the Emperor and court dignitaries, and continue to remain one of the most sought after teas in the world.  This exquisite tea is the inspiration for our name and captures the essence of the finest single estate teas we procure for you.

It is our hope to share the profound clarity, history, terroir and community surrounding remarkable tea with you. We are humbled to offer much more than a collection of artisanal teas, but a complete experience and lifestyle in the art of tea.  Tea is a daily luxury we could never do without, and trust you too will feel the same.