The best tea rarely makes its way out of Asia.

In our quest for exquisite White, Green, Oolong and Black whole-leaf teas, we must go straight to the source.  We do not rely upon broker and importers, we cut out everything in the middle to bring you highest quality pure tea that is also sustained in an ethical manner.


We work exclusively with single estate teas – no blending, everything we carry is pure.  Quality is of utmost importance and each tea is selected based on origin, environment and craftsmanship.  The tea estates we partnered with, nestled between ancient hills and atop lofty plateaus in China, Taiwan and Japan have never before been introduced in the U.S. 

We have curated a tea collection from four major tea categories:  White, Green, Oolong and black.  Each category differs in their production process, which reflects their oxidation or caffeine level, taste and health benefits.   Our teas are packaged in exquisite cylinders that are color coordinated with the tea type to broaden awareness in their differences. 

Similar to wine, terroir is everything when it comes to tea.  Think geography, geology and climate.  When you brew that next cup, inhale, and imagine:  every steep is a stroll into another world.  Legendary appellations, high elevations, pristine air…these are the teas of Silver Needle Tea Co.