About us

Here at Silver Needle Tea Co, we believe that tea is a luxury and a ritual that should be approached with elegance and mindfulness. This has been the mission of Silver Needle Tea Co since it was founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Lucy Yang. 

Tea was a foundational part of Lucy’s upbringing and Chinese heritage, but her relationship to tea was transformed during a visit to a tea estate in Southern China. There, surrounded by rolling green gardens and pristine mountain air, Lucy’s connection to handcrafted single-estate tea took root. A labor of love, Silver Needle Tea Co. was born out of Lucy’s passion for seeking out and sharing the highest quality experiences with tea-drinkers around the world. 

Our dedication to delicious single-estate teas takes us around the globe every season, where we partner with extraordinary estates to source White, Green, Oolong and Black teas directly from the tea-masters who craft them. The result is a curated selection of teas that speak for themselves. 

What is Silver Needle Tea? 

Silver Needle is a rare tea grown in small gardens in China’s high plateaus. The finest Silver Needle tea can only be plucked for two days out of the year. While its flavor is exquisitely delicate, this tea has a robust history and was once reserved exclusively for the Emperor and dignitaries of the court. As one of the most sought-after teas in the world, this tea inspired our name and captures the essence of what we do here at Silver Needle Tea Co.

Our Tea 

Our quest to bring you exceptional full-leaf teas takes us straight to the source. Bypassing brokers and importers allows us to be hands-on in procuring the highest quality tea and ensures that we maintain our high ethical and sustainability standards. The connections we’ve built with tea producers around the world are invaluable, and have allowed us to bring teas onto the market which have never been sold in the United States before.  

The Silver Needle Tea Co. collection encompasses four of the major tea categories: White, Green, Oolong, and Black. While all tea is made from the same plant—the beautiful camellia sinensis—each genre is grown, oxidized, and processed in unique ways to produce a wide array of flavors, textures, and health benefits. Our pristine tea tins are color-coordinated to accompany each tea style and are the perfect way to keep your tea (and your tea cabinet) fresh. 

While many tea companies favor herbal additives and blends, such as chamomile, mint, and lavender, at Silver Needle we want to celebrate tea in its purest form. Rather than blending multiple teas together, like many tea companies do, we partner with single estates to create an undiluted small-batch tea experience. Like wine, the flavor of a tea is defined by terroir—a term that describes the accumulative impact of microclimate, altitude, and even soil and water content, on a the flavor of a particular crop. This is the main reason why Pinot Noir from California tastes different than those produced in France, and why green teas from China will have vastly different characteristics than those grown in Japan. 

Understanding single estate tea connects the drinker to the environment and culture of a tea’s origin. This is where we believe that tea becomes an art form. Just like a single malt scotch, vintage wine, or single origin coffee, we appreciate the single estate tea for its nuance, its sustainability, and its ability to transport us back to origin.