Jasmine Pearl Green Tea $14-$16


Jasmine Pearl Green Tea $14-$16

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The exquisite Jasmine Pearl Tea's tender leaves originate from the mountain side of Fujian, China. Hand picked in the spring and blended with natural jasmine flowers, each leaf is rolled by hand, one at a time, transformed into the perfect pearl shape. We invite you to be transfixed by its beauty as the leaves unfurl in the water releasing aromatic floral notes of jasmine - truly intoxicating, invigorating and incomparable.

*Package in Green cylinder

Origin: Fujian, China

Tea Type:  Green

Tasting Note: Gorgeous aroma of flower bouquet with sweet undertone reminiscent of Spring time.

Caffeine Level:  Light 

Steeping Instructions:
Quantity: 1 teaspoon per 6 ounces
Water Temperature: 160 - 185ºF
Steeping Time: First infusion, 30 seconds, subsequent infusions 1 minute
Infusions: 3

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